Are You Up To The Challenge?

How many of the air travel nightmares can you spot? Compare scores with your friends!

A. Plane takes off four hours late

B. Pilot has one eye

C. Several gremlins having a sex orgy on one wing

D. Bitch stewardess cut off my scotch

E. Why is that baby crying

F. Checked baggage put on wrong plane

G. Pilot shakily reciting Lord's Prayer over intercom

H. Sitting next to talkative artificial intelligence researcher

I. Marijuana smell coming from cockpit

J. Six miles above a two-mile deep ocean

K. Plane makes a sound

L. Plane lands uneventfully on a small rocky object hurtling around a gigantic nuclear furnace

M. The chicken and the pasta both sound like crap

N. Sitting next to undercover air marshall who is clearly lying about himself

O. Reptile brain says don't go up so high

P. Logistical issues prevent blackout-style drinking before embarkation

Q. Plane nosedives for a mile

R. Searching for overhead light, accidentally pressing the "destroy aircraft" button

S. Going to Hell after crash, deciding final moments of freefall were comparatively orgasmic.

T. This ocean wasn't always so huge

U. In-flight movie featured a car crash

V. Flight attendants won't tell me why I didn't get my way

W. Pilot leaves cockpit and fiddles with equipment under the floor of the cabin

X. Seatbelt required for almost half the trip

Y. Such strong turbulence that some of my tomato juice got near the top of the cup

Z. Missing the plane