I Love My Readers So Much

It occurred to me that if nobody read this website I would write worse garbage. There is an exit or two on this information superhighway where I wrote things so bad I didn't attach my name to them. The point is it is you reading this right now that forces me to write as well as I can, which is this well. In the Summer of 2009 when I embarked on this journey I started writing a post called "I should choose the supreme court." It was never finished because it wasn't up to snuff, and instead I offered such timeless classics as "Writing Is Fun," "Months Rock," and "I Am An Arp." Dailydoofus.com gets about an average of maybe six hits a day. If it got zero, it would be worse, so thank you for making me actually think about what I'm writing instead of just [FINISH LATER]

Now that I've buttered you up, I was just wondering if you'd be interested in voting my novel Hen Of The Woods into publication stardom. The publisher is called "Swn Reads," and they want to do teen romance, and I understand that they pick by having people vote upon the novels. Hen Of The Woods is sort of a teen romance I guess, but it's mainly about a nineteen-year-old and a twenty-year-old who flee a plague of skin eruptions and then get lost in the wilderness where they are ensnared by the Billy Witch.

I just want my lifelong dream of being published by an imprint whose name has hearts for O's to blossom like the love-flower of youth. You can read it if you wish, but if you like reading fiction on paper rather than a computer screen like me, you're better off just giving it five stars and waiting for Swn Reads to publish the heck out of the book. Make sure to figure out what the "Swoon Index" means because I couldn't! Comments are welcome too, especially if you curse and misspell as unto the teenage style.

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